SOLDAMATIC is a very attractive training tool for youngsters due to its advanced technology, and it reaches a double objective: attracting young people to welding and also helping to spread the knowledge about this important topic.

Governments/Public Adminstrations

The future of the countries depends on the learning level of its citizens. Soldamatic helps to modernize training by making it more attractive (to get over academic failure), efficient (balance between cost-incomes and quick amortization), safe (without physical risks), and with higher quality (more effective practice time), and at the same time provides a great costs savings and avoids harmful gases emissions to the environment. SOLDAMATIC also favors the inclusion of women into traditionally male industries.

Training Institutions/Schools

SOLDAMATIC does not require industrial facilities and a great investment in comparison with a welding workshop, and it avoids expend on materials, gases, consumables, etc. Its electrical power consumption is very low. It avoids physical risks for students. It facilitates and makes more efficient the instructor’s work. Definitively it helps to get over the limitations of the traditional training model because of the public budgets’cut.

Students/New welders

SOLDAMATIC is a very attractive educational tool for youngsters due to its cutting edge simulation technology and Augmented Reality, which provides a safe and clean training environment by letting them practice all the time needed and facilitating a customized training to become high qualified professionals that are demanded by the companies.

Industries/Manufacturing sector

SOLDAMATIC improves the quality of training versus the traditional model by means of an intensive practice time, providing high qualified welders that can be specialized in basis of the industries’ necessities. The flexibility of SOLDAMATIC lets it adapt itself to the training requirements of any company or industry. It can also work as a recruitment filter for new workers.

Teacher Software


  • Introduce your own courses, create new contents or purchase international standards.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of all students’ training progress easily at the same time.
  • One welding instructor can handle several courses simultaneously all over the world in real time.
  • Multilanguage

Virtual Classroom
The Teacher-software incorporates the Virtual Classroom functionality which let his computer to be wi-fi connected to all the Students-simulators simultaneously, and to control their activity in real time. The welding instructor knows, even without being physically in the same place as the students, if they are logged-in the simulation software, and then if they are reviewing theoretical contents, selecting welding parameters or even performing an exercise, and in this case the mistakes they are doing. Also the system warns the instructor about the students that are making more mistakes and where they are doing that, to let him help them the soonest.

Contents: Total flexibility and adaptability
The teacher-software is completely flexible when creating the courses’ contents,offering a lot of options for the instructor to generate multiple WPS (Welding Procedure Specifications) that the student must recognize and understand to perform the exercises. Also the software is able to be easily adapted to any content or training system even theoretical, multimedia or practical that may exist.
e-Soldamatic Plataform

Increase the number of students per course and guarantee that only the good skilled ones go to practice while the rest keep on studying.

International Standards working area and open working area where you can adapt your own contents.

Teacher-Software synchronization
e-SATT Platform automatically uploads the contents that has been created using the teacher-software.


Feel the most realistic simulation experience ever know being the only one worldwide using AUGMENTED REALITY, much more advanced than virtual reality.

Students first passing the e-learning move to the training center with the right theory base and motivation and start practicing in the simulator from the first day.

Increase effective practice time: students can practice all the time needed without any added costs, physical risks and gas emissions.

Enhance the students’ motivation and reduce the impact of the real welding equipment for youngsters and women.

Analysis Module

3 difficulty levels boost the training. Passing advanced level students move to practice the same exercises in the welding booth.

  • The simulator is occupied by the next students coming from e-learning.
  • Helps the teacher enabling the students’ progress by themselves.
  • Available both from the teacher software and the student simulator.
  • Objective assessment of welding skills and defects, recovering the video of every practice.
  • Statistics of exercise time, arc time, theory time, etc.

Intelligent and adaptative system
The system logs the evolution of every student’s educational process, and this let it recognize his main weaknesses and adapt itself by proposing the teacher the most accurate actions to help him and enhance his training.
Real Workshop

Attracts youngsters to the welding world.
Train more welders, in less time, better qualified, reducing dramatically your costs.

The former simulated practice allows students to take advantage of the workshop time and finish the training highly qualified.