SolidProfessor allows you to learn SolidWorks at your own pace. Browser-based videos explain how to perform tasks within SolidWorks, cover all the necessary methodology, and give you helpful hints.

SolidProfessor is affordable enough to deploy for all your students, and its friendly interface will make learning SolidWorks a snap. If you fall behind, simply pause the video and catch up!

Professional Development
Student Development and Training

CATT has paired up with SolidProfessor to offer online, video-based training for SolidWorks. Instructors and students can access the curriculum at any time, and instructors have the ability to pick and choose which lesson plans to cover in-depth.

Click here for more information on the Engineering Graphics Training curriculum, comprised of two semesters’ worth of lesson plans and content for high school and university classrooms.  The curriculum teaches users on everything from basic SolidWorks tasks to preparing for the certified SolidWorks associate (CSWA) exam.