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PowerPoint: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) with SolidWorks

SolidWorks® Education Edition Software, the complete computer-aided design (CAD) teaching tool, is an extensive resource for teaching 3D mechanical CAD, design validation, and data management. Affordable and flexible licensing options and easy installation ensure that SolidWorks® software is accessible to a broad range of institutions, including vocational and secondary schools to community colleges and universities.


SolidWorksSolidWorks CO2 Car Design
The SolidWorks Education Edition includes a tremendous amount of curriculum material, supplying your classroom with engaging assignments such as CO2 car design, a mountain board project, and other task-based activities.  Once a design is completed, it can be validated in a virtual wind tunnel with tools such as COSMOSFloWorks (included with SolidWorks).

Paired with CNC machining equipment or a 3D printing machine, your students can quickly manufacture and race their vehicles.

Math and Science with SolidWorks
SolidWorks is not just a 3D design and analysis tool. It can be used to teach mathematics and geometry, physics, and pre-engineering classes.

Your students will have the opportunity to apply the concepts that they’ve discussed in class, making learning more engaging and rewarding for all involved.

SolidWorks Corp. is currently developing a STEM (Science, Technology, Math and Engineering) initiative that will broaden the software’s application in the classroom.

What’s New – Education Edition ’12-’13

COSMOS Analysis Software
The original design validation solution for SolidWorks is better than ever! Fast, powerful, and accurate design analysis within the same SolidWorks interface you already use every day…no wonder COSMSOWorks is number one.

Since the SolidWorks Education Edition includes COSMSOWorks (FEA), COSMOSMotion (kinematics & dynamics), and COSMOSFloWorks (fluid flows), you have all the necessary software to analyze your designs with the best available tools! Analyze bridges, CO2 cars, or any other mechanical assembly.

SolidWorks Education 2012-2013 – Installation Instructions